How To Price Painted Furniture For Resale

Find out my method to pricing painted furniture pieces for resale.

As many of you know, my main business is that of a junker & flipper.  I buy vintage & antique items that need some repair or re-purposing & turn them into treasures that you can once again use in your home.  A big part of that process involves furniture pieces that I purchase in order to paint & resell.  Most of the time these pieces may look like outdated junk to everyday folks, but I know that with the right paint, distressing & staging they will once again come to life!


Since the main purpose of a business is to make money, I have to be very careful with the pieces that I buy in a couple of ways.  First, they need to be in relatively good shape.  My hubby is great at fixing stuff, but he has a full time job & fixing furniture for me on a full time basis just isn’t paying the bills at the moment.  Second, they have to be priced right.  I always strive to buy as low as I possibly can so that my final price is affordable for my customers.

All of this now leads us to the big question waiting to by answered in this post….How do I determine the price for a piece of furniture that I have painted for re-sale?  Well, here’s my general breakdown –

  • Cost of Item PLUS
  • Cost of Supplies PLUS
  • Cost of Time

Really simple, right???  Well, sort-of.  The Cost of Item part is easy.  You have to first and foremost make back what you paid for the piece. Painted Dresser

Now you need to figure in how much your supplies cost – and I’m not just talking paint.  I purchase cleaning supplies, paper towels, rags, paint, brushes, finishing products like wax & other top coats, sand paper…..the list goes on and on.  I’ve gotten better at estimating this part, but I still feel like I sometimes underestimate what I really spend.

Finally you have to add in your time.  TIME is MONEY y’all!!  Think about it.  What do we all lack…..TIME??  And in this business time is a huge struggle.  So, when I’m thinking time, I usually go with $25 per hour.  This includes the time to clean the piece, paint it, distress it & finish it.  Then, once I’m done with that, I consider the time and effort it took me to find, purchase & transport the piece to my house in the first place.  And yes, I’m worth $25 an hour.  In fact, as I accumulate more experience, training & recognition as a painter, that price will go up.  Don’t underestimate how much your time is worth!!  And please, when you ask a person to negotiate on a piece – think about this……..

You walk into work one day and your boss says, “I know when I hired you we agreed that you were worth $25 per hour, but I’m needing you to work for $20 per hour instead.  That’s what I think your time is worth.”  BUT you are worth $25 & you know that you are!  I would tell you to never settle for that & I ask that you please do the same when working with makers.  Seriously, in the last month I had someone offer me half of what I was asking for something that I painted….HALF!?  That hurts guys…not cool.

Painted Dresser

Before we wrap this up, let’s do a pricing breakdown for a piece I just sold.  This cute little dresser cost me $30 at the thrift store.  When I got it home it needed the three remaining (& broken) casters taken off & I also knew that it was missing one of it’s drawer pulls.  Oh, and there were stickers that needed to be removed….which took longer than the first coat of paint -yikes!

I painted it with two coats of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint, wet distressed it & finished it with Miss Mustard Seed Furniture Wax.  When I figured in all of that plus my cleaning & other miscellaneous supplies I added $25 to the price.

Next, I had to buy some pulls in order to fix the problem with the missing one.  I ended up with 8 knobs from Hobby Lobby to combat that issue.  Those cost me around $30.

Now, I was ready to add in my time.  I ended up adding 4 hours of time to the project.  Honestly, if I would not have had to buy the knobs, I would have added another hour or so and kept the final price the same.  But, I had to consider my market & the fact that I didn’t want to take it to my vendor booth where I’d have to give them 10% for selling it.

So, final price on the piece was $185.  I felt like that was a great price for a very sturdy, heavy & handcrafted piece of furniture.  It was a lovely piece & I hope the owner enjoys it for years to come.

Well, that’s my pricing process.  As you can see, it’s simple & not simple at the same time!  If you are new to selling, rest assured, you will get better at pricing with some practice. If you are a buyer, now you understand a little bit of the inner workings of pricing a piece for resale.  Either way, I hope you find the info helpful while hunting for the perfect pieces for your home!

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~ Crystal

Painted Furniture


DIY Barn Door Shutters

Find out how we made our very own set of barn door shutters!

Barn Door Shutters DIY

If you don’t already know, I was gifted with a very handy hubby!  I’m always asking him to make my crazy thoughts come to life & he’s usually up for the challenge.   A while back, I showed him some pictures of handmade barn door shutters that I had seen on Pinterest.  I thought it would be a pretty easy project & something I could display on the mantle in our living.  So, as he usually does, he got to work on drawing up some plans, making a supplies list & creating the shutters I had in mind.

Unfortunately, I didn’t have my blog up when we were in the midst of putting these together, so I don’t have a bunch of “in progress” pictures for you.  But this project is a pretty easy one & something you can change up to fit your needs.

To make one set of 36 x 14.5 shutters, we used 4 – 1x4x8 common boards and 2 – 1x2x6 common boards.  We used our miter saw to make all the cuts and then attached everything using a nail gun & wood glue.  The great thing about a project like this is that you can make the shutters whatever size you want.  You could also use scrap lumber that you have laying around if you want!  I love projects like that!

Once you have your shutters put together, you can stain or paint them however you want to fit your decor.  I have a stained set in my living room & we ended up making and selling a lot of those.  I also made some in white, which weren’t as popular, but I thought they were really pretty!

SBS White Shutters

So, what do you think??  Should we start making our barn door shutters again?

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~ Crystal

Valentine’s Day Heart Banner DIY

Let’s make an easy Valentine’s Day Heart Banner!

Valentine's Day Banner

Valentine’s Day is getting super close and if you’re like me, you like to add a little love-filled flair around the house without spending a bunch of time or money doing so.  That’s why I wanted to share this super easy DIY with you today.  Here’s what you’ll need:

Valentine's Day Banner Supplies


  • Vintage book pages or other paper to cut hearts out of
  • Jute or other string to tie the hearts to
  • Scissors
  • Hole Punch

Here’s How To Make It:

I started by tearing about 10 pages out of a vintage book that I use for crafting.  Don’t worry, I used a not-so-old Reader’s Digest that isn’t super rare or hard to find lol!  Next, cut each page into the shape of a heart.  My hearts are shorter and plump!  You can make yours how ever you like.

Valentine's Day Banner Supplies

Then I punched a hole into the corner of each heart and began tying them to my piece of jute.  You can make your piece of jute as long or short as you would like!  Simply measure the space where you think you’ll hang your banner & be sure to add a little bit to each end so you can hang it easily.


Seriously guys this has to be one of the easiest DIY projects I have ever done!  Plus, most of you already have all the goodies you need to make at least one of these banners.  For more details & a LIVE video showing how I made my banners, head over to my Facebook page and scroll down to my posts from February 9th.  Or click the videos tab!  Happy crafting & Happy Valentine’s Day!

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Antique Mall Booth Valentine's Day Decorations20180207_120257

Using Chalk Paint To Update Wicker Baskets

Get a quick look at how I updated a few old wicker baskets using Annie Sloan Chalk Paint!


Hey guys!  As many of you know, I’ve been cleaning, organizing & updating the decor around my home since the beginning of January.  Everything was in need of some good old attention and I figured it would be a fun way to start 2018.

When I got to the built-ins around my fireplace in the living room, I was stuck with a small dilemma.  I have a set of baskets on those shelves that hold CD’s – yes, CD’s.  Like those things from the 90’s that we used to listen to music LOL!!  Well, since my hubby and I are kids of the 90’s, we have a ton of them and actually still pull them out once in a great while.  I knew I wanted to keep them on those shelves for accessibility, but the baskets they were in had seen better days.

I removed the canvas liners from the baskets hoping that would help and it did!  But I still wasn’t loving the color tone on the baskets compared to the other items on the shelves.  When I realized the color wasn’t going to work, I first thought I’d have to buy new baskets….but them, it hit me!  Why not try a coat of chalk paint??  I could do a test on the bottom of the small basket to see what happened and then make a decision about how to proceed from there.  This would save me money and be a great way to experiment for doing the same to other baskets in the future.

Here’s how I did it:

  1. I vacuumed out the baskets to make sure they were free of dust and other debris.  It may sound like a waste of time to do this, but as with any painting project you need to start with a clean surface for the best end result.  IMG_2055

  2. Next, I got my Annie Sloan Chalk Paint and a cheap chip brush.  You can use whatever color you like.  I ended up using some French Linen with a little bit of Old White mixed in.  This is what I had on-hand, so it worked out perfect for my free basket makeover.
  3. Now it was time to do my test on the bottom of the basket.  Since the tone of your basket may be different then mine, you’ll want to do a quick test to make sure the paint color you choose is going to give you the desired result.  This was especially important in my case since I planned on using more of a dry brush technique that wasn’t going to fully cover the base color of the basket.
  4. Once I was satisfied with the test color, I painted the remainder of my basket.  I made sure to brush the paint on in the direction of the weaving and I also made sure not to put too much paint on my brush.  If you want to fully cover the original color of the basket, simply use more paint and consider doing multiple coats.IMG_2058
  5. At this point you can seal in the paint with some wax or you can just go with it un-waxed like I did.  I skipped the wax simply because these basket are going to sit on a shelf looking pretty – which means they won’t be handled a bunch.  If the basket you are painting will have more daily hands-on use, you may want to use a finishing coat to ensure the durability of the paint.

There you have it!  A super easy way to update baskets for nearly nothing.  This is also a great way to experiment with chalk paint if you are new to using it.  Just pick up a sample pot and go for it.  Hopefully it gives you the confidence to move onto a bigger project in the future!

Thanks for stopping by!

~ Crystal





2017 Year In Review

Let’s take a look back at some highlights for my business in 2017!

Vintage Market Days Booth

Happy New Year….just about a week late lol!!  Oh well, the holidays had me on hiatus thanks to a terrible case of the flu, preparing for Christmas & taking time to be with my husband and kids over Christmas break.  But I’m working on getting back into to the swing of things & coming up with some fresh ideas for my business.

Before I get to all of that, I thought it would be fun to look back at some of the highlights of 2017 for Southern Charmed Interiors.  Since all of you are a huge part of this business of mine, I figured you may like to take a look too!  So, here are just a few of the fun things we accomplished this year ~

Opening Booth 39 at Warson Woods Antique Gallery

Last year this time I was getting ready to make a huge decision for my business.  Opening a space at an antique mall was something I’d finally started really started looking into & come the middle of January we were preparing to do just that!  On February 1, my found treasures became available everyday at Warson Woods Antique Gallery in St. Louis, MO.

Stack of vintage crates

Blogging for Vintage Market Days St. Louis Spring 2017

Next came Spring and a chance I thought I’d never get – blogging for the Spring Vintage Market Days here in St. Louis!  This opportunity gave me a chance to connect with other individuals who run businesses very similar to mine & it also gave me a chance to get to know the people who run that show!

I had so much fun taking pictures, getting to know new friends & sharing the experience with all of you!  I’m hoping I’ll get the opportunity to do it again this year!

Vintage Market Days St. Louis

Vintage Market Days St. Louis Fall 2017

Before we knew it, it was time to take this show on the road for our biggest event yet, Vintage Market Days St. Louis Fall 2017.  Vintage Market Days was a show I knew I wanted to participate in for a while, but I was so scared to finally take the plunge!  The vendors at this show are at the best of the best & to think that I would even be invited to do that show was crazy!

Vintage Quilt at Vintage Market

Forever Vintage Christmas Market

To cap off the year, we stayed closer to home & got the chance to participate in A Forever Vintage Christmas Market in Belleville, IL in December.  Who knew Christmas shows were so much fun!  This show was way more laid back then Vintage Market Days & we loved it.  Many thanks to the ladies who promote this show for making the vendor experience so enjoyable!

Vintage Market Booth

All and all I’d say that was a pretty good year!  As we start 2018 I will be taking lots of time to get some things in order around my own home before I get full time back into all things vintage farmhouse.  But don’t worry ~ I’ll be around on Facebook & Instagram and also plan to put out as much content here on the blog as I can.  You can also shop my finds everyday from 10-6 by visiting my vintage boutique space at Warson Woods Antique Gallery in Booth 39!  Happy New Year and here’s to a great 2018!

Thanks for stopping by!

~ Crystal